Well worth the price.

Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 Kitchen Machine, 4.6 Litre, 800 WKenwood Chef Classic KM336 Kitchen Machine, 4.6 Litre, 800 W

I’ve had 2 food processors over the last 20 years but didn’t really want another, as I generally only used it to beat, whip and create crumb bases. Ideally I wanted a good mixer with a stand,that could do large quantities and on checking out reviews, although more expensive Kenwood Chefs always seemed to be what I needed. I have to say the cost was quite a thought but having made the decision I don’t regret it at all. I’ve used it for various different quantities and recipes since receiving it and it does a great job. I’m very glad it has the splashguard as without it I think it would be messy. Excellent buy.


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A good buy, Freecom 33575 Mobile Drive

Freecom 33575 Mobile Drive Classic II 250GB USB2 The toshiba mk6459gsx gets a Passmark drivemark of 471, making it a mid range 2.5″ drive, so not too shabby, given the capacity.

The only bad thing to say about this drive is that it comes in a plastic case. Freecoms used to come in a metal case, so I guess that some cost cutting has taken place to stay this competitive, but I can’t really complain especially give that the bare hard drive itself costs more than the current asking price… but you will need a case if you want to carry it about a lot.

Also worth noting that the drive comes formatted as FAT32. I reformatted to NTFS (so that I can copy large files onto it, such as DVD images), and that took about 8-10 hours to complete! Bit of a bind, but not really a massive headache (I just left it to go overnight).

All in all, very pleased; its a perfect backup drive for what I wanted (I back up my digital photographs, DVD images, and documents folder to it), and very cheap for the capacity. The drive is pleasing to the eye and very quiet too. It also runs off the USB for power so no issues with finding plugs. I also bought the suggested protective case for when I take the hard drive out and about. It fits snuggly and seems well protected.

I have only used it to back up data, so have not accessed it that much. Time will tell I suppose how good this drive really is, but so far I have no complaints.


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Great shredder, not that big

Rexel ProStyle Confetti Cut Shredder Had this for a month now and very pleased. The old one would gnash away like a thing possesed but this just hums and steadily devours all we chuck at it, yes it cuts out to cool down if you use it contantly for 3 mins but we just shred as we go and its never stopped. One thing to note is the dimensions on here and on every other site we looked at are for the box it comes in not the actual shredder.


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Fabulous, Raleigh Twinkle Girl’s Bike

My little girl, 3 last week, just loves it. Its quite big for her, but that doesn’t stop her going on it every day; should last her until she’s 5 or 6.

Good quality; very little assembly. I recently bought a cheaper brand (although the price was about the same) boy’s bike. The Raleigh is much lighter (which is good), has much better brakes, stabilisers and mudguards. I can’t think of anything I would change about this bike.

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Let me in the sound, Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus iPod/iPhone speaker dock

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus iPod/iPhone speaker dock

I’ve read reviews elsewhere marking this down because it lacks features. Let me tell you, the one sure thing about features is they break down eventually.

This compact unit is simple. Does what it says it’ll do and the sound it produces is top notch.

If you’re more interested in performance than buttons then you’ll be happy with one of these. Less fuss, it lets you in the sound.

I have a large living room and this little beauty fills the room with perfectly balanced sound. To get the best out of it you’ll need to play around with your ipod’s EQ. I have an old ipod mini set to RandB and it’s clear at all levels.

Well thought out storage for the remote and a sleek design. It sits quietly in the corner on a small unit until you start it up.


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Great value Green 1Tb HDD for upgrade or builds.

Western Digital Caviar 1TB SATAII 64MB

I bought this drive to go into a Netgear ReadyNAS as a partner to another that Amazon had sent in error (should have been the EADS not the EARS). The WD10EARS is not on the hardware compatability list for the ReadyNAS so I was quite worried that I’d have problems and indeed I did start getting SMART disk errors virtually every day from the ReadyNAS. A quick look at the Netgear forum was enough to realise the errors were not serious and were only because these “green” drives don’t use one particular feature and so genereate an error. Netgear has since released new beta firmware which makes these drives compatible and the errors are gone. So, if you are considering one of these drive to go into a Ready NAS, you will not be dissapointed, they are very quiet (much quieter than the NAS itself) and very important, compatible. If you just want a fast, quiet drive for your PC with green credentials then these won’t dissapoint. Great Hard Disk easy installation and with loads of capacity for all your needs. Runs fast, cool and quietly. Great buy but is an OEM version so you need 4 mounting Screws plus SATA and perhaps a Sata Power Lead for installation (look inside your case to see if there is a spare Sata Power Plug). No instructions but Vista or Windows 7 will pick it up as new hardware on boot up. if you want Western Digital Software go to their site. Supposed to be very reliable and save power but cannot comment on these claims so far.


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excellent, Sony SRSD211.CEK 2.1 35W PC Speakers

Sony SRSD211.CEK 2.1 35W PC SpeakersThese are selling at nearly £60 in a well known outlet and are worth the money even at that so at Amazons price you wont be dissapointed.I set them up in 5 minutes and was well impressed with the sound quality.I’m not going to turn the volume up to full because I don’t want to upset all the neighbours and to be honest even on half volume the sound is amazing.Fantastic value–buy them.I tried out 3 sets of speakers the Creative GigaWorks T40, Logitech Z-2300 and these Sony’s. I was expecting these to be the weakest of the bunch as they were half the price of the rest but how wrong was I. Out of the 3 these won for me on sound quality being the best balanced and cleanest sound of the 3 and at half the price! What a bargain these speakers are and are highly recommended.

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This is it 500gb hard drive, Samsung S2 500GB Portable Hard Drive

Samsung S2 500GB Portable Hard Drive With Michael Jackson

Neat and easy to use as a basic back up for music and photos.
I found the encrypted file option really good for personal stuff that you may want to protect. One point I missed was when you set up the virtual drive the default value leaves the drive visible for “0” minutes when you connect it. ie – you just cannot see it. Once I realised and set it to 5 it remains visible for five minutes, but very nicely it dissappears after you have finished using it, so if you walk away from your laptop and someone else touches it they cannot see the private virtual drive.it really looks good, I easily downloaded the Movie but haven’t watched it yet,the movie has a license for 3 computer downloads so I guess my son and grand-daughter will benefit from it too, it takes up 1.17 GB of space on the drive but there’s ample room for all the photo’s and files I needed it for, I have dragged and dropped a few pictures with no problem at all, I’m well suited so far with my purchase, 3 year warranty too, can’t be bad.

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Best value for money purchase ive made in a while

XMI X-mini II Mini SpeakerXMI X-mini II Mini Speaker

Saw a good review of this on the net and i’m going backpacking this summer so it seemed perfect. It’s much smaller and louder than i expected it to be, and really good value for money. in diameter its roughly 6cm and about 4cm in height. the built in audio lead means you don’t need anything extra and even comes with its own little pouch for packing. Plus as for audio quality i couldn’t ask for more in one speaker and the bass is impressive. The sound quality of these speakers is great considering the size and cost but if you are a real audiophile you may be a bit disapointed.

For me if you are looking for a small travel speaker this product is the way to go.

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Compact Mac Backup Time Machine compatible

Western Digital My Passport for Mac 500GB Hard Drive - Charcoal Having looked at the various on-line comments as you do, I expected some problem …. but no, just plugged it in (firmly …. see other reviews)and clicked on Time Machine and it sorted itself out …. and has been good as gold ever since …. boring but there’re you go!This drive works straight out of the box.
I have it configure with Time Machine and also use
the supplied backup software.
Ideal for use with a portable Mac.

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